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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electric bicycle?

An electric bicycle is simply a bicycle with an electric motor, battery pack and controller that adds power to your pedal stroke.  This allows you to go further and faster using less physical energy.

Why buy an eBike online?

While most cities in the USA have traditional bike shops, not many offer eBikes, so your choices are much more limited.  It can be very difficult to find a quality eBike that suits your needs and your budget from a local bicycle shop.  This is why your best option is to purchase an eBike online from

How fast can an eBike go?

Most eBikes in the USA will reach speeds up to 20 to 25mph.  If they go much faster than this, they would need to be regulated more like a scooter or motorcycle, which takes away some of the benefits of riding an electric bicycle in the first place - you can use them just like a traditional bicycle.

How far can I go on my eBike?

Most eBikes can go about 20 to 30 miles on a single charge (depending on conditions like hills, how much you pedal, headwind, etc.).

How much power does an eBike have?

In the USA, most eBikes have between 250 Watts and 750 Watts (the maximum to still be considered a bicycle.)

How long does it take to charge the battery?

This all depends on the type and size of battery and charger you have, but typically it will take between 3 to 6 hours to fully charge an empty battery.

How much does it cost to charge the battery?

Of course, this depends on the cost of electricity in your local area, but typically it costs less than $0.10 to fully charge your battery.

Throttle power or pedal assist?

This basically depends on you…  Many people prefer throttle power because it´s more like a motorcycle where you just twist and go.  Other people prefer pedal assist where the motor only helps you when you pedal - more like a traditional bicycle.  There are some eBikes that have both, so you don´t have to choose.

How much does an eBike weigh?

Typically an eBike weighs between 40 to 60 pounds.