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About Us

Velo Love About Us

The story of ElectriCity Cycles is one of passion and love.  A passion for life and a love of all things velo!  After all, the founders, David and Elena, set up their first date years ago while standing over their trusted bicycles and as they say, ¨the rest is history...¨  Years later, not only was a bicycling baby boy born, but ElectriCity Cycles, as well.  

Adventure, adrenaline and Asia! The idea for ElectriCity Cycles first came to be on an electric bicycle tour in SE Asia’s bicycle capital - Chiang Mai, Thailand.  There is no better way to explore the winding alleyways, colorful street markets, ornate Buddhist temples, ancient ruins, lush green rice fields and to meet the vibrant people of Thailand than by bicycle.

Having spent years in the saddles of traditional pedal bikes - from racing mountain bikes with a motto, “if I didn't come home bloody, I didn't ride”, to working as a messenger in the hills of Seattle, to 100 miles no-handed on a fixie, to bicycle tours across the most beautiful parts of the United States, and simply enjoying the cool breeze on our faces as we rode around town… it wasn't until that grand tour of Chiang Mai that we truly understood the magic of eBikes. Who knew cycling could get more fun with a little extra power in your pedal?!

When we returned home, we went straight to our local bike shops to purchase our first eBikes, but despite the many bike shops in town, we were disappointed to discover that the choices of eBikes was next to nothing. We realized there must be thousands of other people in the same predicament and vowed to combine our passion for bicycles with our customer service experience and create the best online eBike marketplace around.

Now we spend our days test riding eBikes with friends, family and customers to ensure that we are familiar with all our products and can help you make the best decision when finding the perfect eBike for you.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Happy Cycling!
ElectriCity Cycles