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We love to talk about electric bicycles, so give us a call or email and let one of our eBike Experts help find the perfect eBike for you.  We believe that finding an eBike should be as easy as riding one, and we are eager to help.  We only carry top quality name brand eBikes which have been proven to be innovative and reliable.

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Caring for your eBike battery

Like any other device that uses a lithium-ion battery, the range and performance of your e-bike can be dramatically affected by temperature changes. Have you noticed that your iPhone or Android battery life goes down while skiing or hiking on cold days, but returns to normal when you go back inside? Temperature plays a big role in the effectiveness of the battery.  Since e-bikes can be ridden in very hot, and very cold temps, it's important to keep your battery in mind when riding in extreme conditions. Here are some tips to preserve the life and performance of your battery:  Charge and store your battery indoors at normal room temperature. This may mean removing the battery from your bike for charging.... Read More